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PLA Summer Camp

The Peace, Liberation & the Arts (PL&A) Summer Camp provides a multi-week experience for youth, ages 13-18. In order to foster peace and liberation for Chester youth, we must address at least three circles – the personal, the family and the larger community. PL&A Summer Camps include goals that seek to impact each of these important circles of influence. We recognize that peace-making is an inside to outside job and that building strong, young activators of liberation requires an inner strength and balance that must be nurtured. We must also acknowledge and provide education about the systems of oppression and discrimination that hold communities like Chester in cycles of poverty and violence. Therefore, our approach provides tools for inner reflection, historical and current events education, skill-building, artistic expression and opportunities to learn and serve through cultural exchange.


Covid-19 Safeguarding: Masks and at-home test kits will be available to all staff and campers. 

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