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Executive Assistant

Project Manager


4 Circles Beyond

PLA Program Director

Susan is living her passion for service

by creating experiences that uplift, educate, and inspire people to grow their awareness of themselves and the world around them with confidence and hope. Her art in creating pathways to success is by inspiring a culture of inclusion, engagement, and a commitment to finding the common ground for good. 


Susan’s work as a teaching artist in the theatre is her joy. These journeys are focused on curating and delivering educational and personal growth experiences in safe spaces for young people to creatively explore, to increase their self-confidence, communication skills & leadership, and to learn successful group dynamics.  Susan’s intention is to invest the full value of her integrity, accountability, and empathy into every aspect of her work and her life.

Sha’Quayla [“Shay Little''] is a lifelong resident of Chester, PA. She graduated from STEM Academy with the Class of 2014.  After completing some college for network engineering, she decided to change direction into the culinary world, and was a saute cook for over five years. Then Shay took another change in direction to start her own business, ShaybuttaLocs.Co, and

became a loc stylist.


Along with the various roles Shay has undertaken, she is also the 4 Circles Beyond Program Director. Shay has been involved with PLA for over 10 years. She was first introduced to PLA at the age of 12. She started off as a camper, and after 6 years, became a junior counselor for 2 years and a lead counselor for 2 years following. Increasing her leadership responsibilities, Shay took up the role of Assistant Director of the PLA Summer Camp, then became the camp’s Co-Director. Her goal is to give the youth of Chester the same experience she had when she was a camper. She wishes for the youth to have that same opportunity and space to learn new things, find new hobbies, and become more expressive.

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PLA After School

Program Committee


PLA After School

Program Committee


PLA After School

Program Committee

Nijah Goldsborough is currently

a student at Delaware County Community College studying Communication/Journalism.

She’s a daycare teacher and bus driver at Apple Pie Christian Academy in Chester, PA. She has been a part of 4 Circles Beyond’s Peace, Liberations & The Arts program since 2013. Nijah has grown to be one of the committee members who is looking forward to helping young men and woman through PLA, just like it helped her. 

Ciani Hodges is a Neumann University graduate. She graduated with honors in December of 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Arts and Sciences (English). Her goal is to further her education through law school in the Fall of 2022. She has been a part of 4 Circles Beyond’s Peace, Liberation & The Arts programs since 2012 when she joined the organization as a camper. Since then Ciani has grown to be one of the committee members who is looking to continue the initiative through the PLA After School Program.

Jevana “Jev” Lambert is an Alumna of Delaware State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology. She is currently in her 4th semester of school studying Physical Therapy in hopes of becoming a wound care specialist. Jev participated in the Peace Liberation and The Arts (PLA) Summer Camp as a camper for 5 years and as a junior counselor for one year. She has helped younger campers increase their confidence and skills in the singing department. She is currently a committee member for the PLA After School Program.